Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is connecting with me via a 30-minute coaching consultation.

I will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire to provide me with a greater sense of your current goals and challenges. During that call we aim to discover what are some of the stops and habitual practices that may be standing in the way of manifesting the life or career you are seeking. At the end of the call,  you will walk away with practices and action steps to support you towards your goal/vision and we will determine if it feels aligned for us to work together.

The urge and desire for you to make bold, transformational shifts and changes is a constant voice in your mind. It doesn’t matter how much you try to avoid those thoughts, they keep coming back with a persistence towards action. It’s usually that inner voice that tells you there is more to your life or a more fulfilling career or business than what you are currently doing. Schedule your coaching consultation today.

Most of us have a money story that is riddled with scarcity and limiting beliefs.  During our call we will also discuss what you need to feel set up for success. When we want something and it is right for us, we always figure out a way to make it happen. We can discuss creative possibilities to support you in moving forward if you are aligned that this  investment will produce the results you are seeking.

I am a trained ontological coach. Ontological coaching is focused on the study of the being so that it supports you in understanding that who you are being in your everyday circumstances creates the outcomes in your life. I received my leadership coach training through Accomplishment Coaching and launched my practice in 2017 and also have 20 years of experience in leadership development training and facilitation. 

At this time, my practice is dedicated to serving the needs of women who self identity as women of color. If you are not a woman of color and are interested in working with me, please schedule a coaching consultation to determine if there is alignment and synergy for us to work together.