Wendy Perdomo

Although you’ve achieved success and broken through several glass ceilings, you may feel stuck, comfortable but unfulfilled, or guilty for wanting more. That’s why I specialize in coaching women of color.

About Me

Hi! My name is Wendy Perdomo and coaching women of color is my passion! My story might sound a bit like yours. I grew up in subsidized housing in Harlem with two working-class parents. Without speaking any English, they came to the United States from the Dominican Republic. They worked hard and self-sacrificed their entire lives to set me and my sisters up for achieving the American Dream. While they made sure I never felt their struggles, I knew it was there. So, from a young age, I learned to be grateful.

I knew that education was my ticket to the life they sacrificed so much for, so academic excellence and achievement became my objectives. I received my first Master of Public Administration at the age of 23 and my second Master of Science in Education by the age of 32. In between my degrees, I got married, bought a house, and started a family. By the age of 35 I “had it all.” I checked all the boxes. Husband, house, two kids, and a six-figure salary. Even a white picket fence! My parents were proud, and I was grateful that I came so far. I was successful and comfortable but never stopped to consider if I was fulfilled. I spent years ignoring the signs that all wasn’t perfect. Especially in my marriage. So, I was blind-sighted when my husband served me with divorce papers.

I was shocked. Disappointed. Hurt. I suffered silently and acted strong in public. Inside I was dying, but I would fake it till I make it. They can’t see me sweat. I got this. I was a badass Afro-Latina at the top of her game!  In reality, I lost my power. My fire. My heart. As I slowly began to redesign my life, a friend introduced me to Landmark coaching and it opened my mind up to a whole new world of possibilities. When I transitioned to coaching full-time, I knew coaching women of color would help me empower women whose stories, struggles, and self-limiting beliefs were similar to my own.

I specialize in helping professional women of color determine what’s next. Leadership skills are always transferable.

If you are thriving in some areas of your life and perhaps not in others, or need a complete look at how to manifest what’s next in your life, our coaching conversations dig deep, build a strong relationship and foundation so that together we can explore what’s next and how to get you “unstuck.” We’ll touch on all of the important areas of your life, everything from your career, business, dating, marriage, finances, parenting, and much more.
Let’s get started!

You can truly manifest the life of your dreams…. a few fun and professional facts.

Our Approach

What we’ll work on together

As women of color who’ve achieved success, we’re taught to be humble and grateful. If you’re no longer fulfilled there’s no need to “take one for the team”. It’s time to empower and challenge yourself. To redesign your life!

The Comfort Trap

Certainty is comfortable but if you are no longer fulfilled it’s time to take back your power.

Unsubscribing & Box Checking

Ensure the goals you are striving towards are your own, not what you feel you are expected to do next.

Imposter Syndrome

You’ve worked your way up the ladder and are unsure if you are capable of more. You are!

Analysis Paralysis

If you feel overwhelmed by your options, we’ll dig deep to determine what is right for you. 

Mindset Shift

It’s time to quiet the inner critic, shift your mindset, and open yourself up to limitless possibilities.

Not Sure What’s Next

You achieved what you set out to, but now you feel stuck. Let’s work on what you want next.

Executive Leadership

Whether you love what you do, are ready for more, or ready to completely shift gears I’ll be at your side.

Personal Balance

Leadership skills are transferable to your personal life. Let’s set the boundaries required for balance.

Dedicated to your

life improvement

It’s ok to want more! You’re ambitious and successful. You rose to the ranks of middle, senior, or executive level management. You may have been the first in your family to go to college. But now you want more. I’ll help you get there!

Identify your goals

Let’s define what you want, ensuring your goals are your own and not what’s expected of you.

Map it out

We’ll break your goal down into mini-milestones with timelines to ensure accountability along the way.

Take action

It’s time to take the bold first step required to redesign your life. I’ll be at your side supporting and cheering you on.

Constantly evolve

Once you get there, we’ll check in to fine -tune things and ensure you are constantly evolving.

Executive Coaching

In numbers

Before you start your coaching, I’m sure you will have a number of questions about the journey you will soon undertake. Here are a few important numbers to note


Success for all clients so far

Setting your vision and achieving your goals and dreams


years of leadership, training and coaching experience

Knowledgeable and dependable


Number of coaching hours

Competent and Reliable




Accredited and experienced

Discover, Apply, Choose

Your transformation begins today! Schedule your coaching consultation. Choose to say yes to you!

Coaching books

To Support You and Your Transformation Journey

Here are some of my favorite books that I recommend to my clients

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