Organizational Offerings

Organizational Offerings

Strategic webinars, individual or group coaching, leadership retreats, and presentations tailored to the areas your organization or group needs to improve. 

  • Webinars & Presentations
  • Team or Executive Retreats
  • Training Sessions 
  • One-on-One or Group Coaching

Tailored to your organization

Leaders invest in their team!
Choose from webinars and group courses and presentations to strengthen yourself and your team.


1-Hour Webinars

Offer to your entire team or include as part of your ongoing leadership training.


Let me come to you and energize your team as a keynote speaker. Choose the topic you want to address including motivating and inspiring your team or addressing your organization’s areas of opportunity.

Develop & Inspire

Providing Effective Feedback

Learn an effective 4-step formula to provide feedback that inspires and develops your team while holding them accountable for their role and performance. Includes examples of both positive and developmental feedback.

Navigating change

Leading Through a Pandemic

From the uncertainty of our unprecedented time to managing a remote team, maintaining connections, communications, and more. Perfect for leaders at every level.

Win-Win outcome

Engaging in Courageous Conversations

Utilize tools from NYT Bestseller Difficult Conversations, How to Discuss What Matters Most. Take a strategic approach to language and communication that creates a win-win outcome.


Effectively Navigating Salary Negotiations

To achieve wage equality for women and people of color, leaders must empower their team to negotiate on their own behalf. Provide your team with a safe space to learn to advocate for their salary and career.

From subtle to outright

Addressing Microaggressions in the Workplace

To be part of the solution you must learn how to recognize and address microaggressions. Learn to spot nuanced and not so subtle exchanges and how to address them with the SBI (situation, behavior, impact) protocol.


Building Effective Teams

Learn a strategic system and structure that will help you build a cohesive team in your constantly evolving workplace. Create an undeniable synergy for both live and virtual teams.

Connected & Engaged

Running Effective Virtual Meetings

Learn how to better prepare to facilitate your meetings, set expectations for participation, navigate virtual challenges, and keep your remote team connected, engaged, and productive.

From live to virtual

Leading Effective Virtual Teams

If you thrive leading and coaching in person but struggle virtually this is the course for you. Learn to build trust, communicate, provide feedback, and navigate common virtual management pitfalls.

Career Growth & Advancement

Navigating Career Advancement as a Woman of Color

Learn 10 effective strategies all people of color can implement for career growth. Topics include executive-level networking, advocacy, and the vital difference between mentors and sponsors.

You are enough

Addressing Imposter Syndrome

Yes, even successful women can feel like an imposter! Let’s dive into the statistics, then discuss effective strategies that will help you develop healthy and empowered new habits.

Be bold

Building Executive Presence

Let’s look beyond attire to how to show up at work in a manner that conveys the leader you are. Most importantly, how to show up and lead as your authentic self at work.

Personal fulfillment

Work/Life Balance

It’s easy to get so focused on career growth that you forget personal growth and “me time“. While they sound separate, balance is required for success in all areas of life.


Full or half day

Seminars & retreats

Topics include navigating organizational change, transforming company culture, creating synergy with the DISC Behavioral Assessment, taking projects from vision to execution, and many more.

Training Sessions

Full or half day

Training Series

Any webinar topic can be customized and combined to be a training series to address the needs of the organization. Training topics can range in length and duration and can be targeted to a subset of the employer population (i.e. new managers, new hires, executive teams, specific departments or offices).


3 to 6 month programs

Individual or Group Coaching

I can work with your leadership team or entire department. Let’s tackle the tough topics together. Your coaching will be tailored to your culture and areas of opportunity.

Organizations that I have worked with in the past

Speaking, Training and Additional Coaching engagements