Life Coaching For Women

As women of color who’ve achieved success, we’re taught to be humble and grateful. If you’re no longer experiencing fulfillment there’s no need to “take one for the team.” It’s time to empower and challenge yourself. To redesign your life! We focus on your areas of greatest need. It can run the gamut from your health, finances, personal relationships, parenting, all the while addressing your mindset and approach as a way of creating lasting change.

The biggest game changer in working with me is understanding your flavor of self-sabotage. Using the research of positive intelligence we uncover your limiting beliefs. We focus on how to move from a fixed mindset where more often than not your self-saboteur is running the show to building towards a growth mindset where you are operating from your essence and are able to truly and clearly work with more intentionality and purpose towards your goals and dreams.

Mindset is so much a part of what we address. I often tell my clients the grass is greener on the side you water and what we amplify grows. If you are stuck on the hamster wheel of doubt, procrastination and lack of faith or belief in what’s possible for you in your life at this very moment, then those are the thoughts and beliefs that will continue to impact the trajectory of your life. However, through our coaching and partnership we can shift that, once and for all.

In our one-on-one coaching sessions we work together monthly for 6 months or more. Each session is designed to uncover your specific needs, what’s standing in the way of the life you truly desire and understanding the practices and healthy habits that you need to cultivate and incorporate into your life, not tomorrow, today.

If you are ready to begin to make the shifts that you know are possible and have not been sure how to navigate your next steps, let’s connect.

Cost: $1500 a month

Six-Month Life Coaching Program includes:  

(3)  60-minute coaching sessions a month that is your dedicated unbiased time to work through your most critical challenges.

Total of 18 coaching calls

Kick-off Onboarding Process includes Positive Intelligence & DiSC Assessments 

Unlimited Session Recording for you to revisit a-ha moments and dive deeper into your leadership insights on your own time

Unlimited WhatsApp Support for those moments when you need support fast

Actionable Document templates to take the guesswork out of how to best communicate and utilize new personal transformation frameworks and practices