Getting Your Mojo Back!

Getting your Mojo back is all about putting that pep back in your step.

Mojo is defined in the dictionary as magic charm, talisman, a spell and that’s exactly what I am talking about getting back that sass, that fire that you once had, the inner feminine power, your divine and owning it like nobody’s business.

Sometimes in life we go through situations that suck the living heck out of us.

I don’t have to tell you what that might be for you (divorce, weight gain, unhappiness at work or in a relationship, failed business venture) and the more we lean in to and play back the disappointment the more we lose our sass and our mojo!

We lose our spark our voices and that being that lights up the room when you walk in.

We lose our mojo because the pain we experience sucks it right out of us.

Some of you may be wondering how do I get my mojo back when I am still healing, when it still hurts, when sometimes I can’t breathe when at times the pain is all consuming that I want to just cocoon into a little ball or just lay right under my bed covers.

So how exactly do you get your mojo back from this place?

Forgive & Surrender

The first step in the journey is forgiveness.

You must choose to forgive yourself for what you did and what you did not do.

For what was done and what was not done and for what you got and didn’t get out of the experience.

Forgiveness will start the process of release and of healing and will allow the light to slowly seep back in to your soul that part of you where the mojo emanates from that has been closed off.

Forgiveness is always a gift for you not the other person or party involved.

Once you are able to forgive you can surrender to whatever else the universe might offer as you start taking baby steps on your love journey.

Choose It.

Getting Your Mojo Back is a choice. You can choose you.

You can stop the self-sacrificing, making yourself wrong for shit in the past and you can choose to shift those disempowering beliefs and begin to live your life from a place of pure fire, fierceness and self-love.

You can make an empowered decision to get it and reclaim your MOJO!!!

The choice is truly yours. It does not matter how old you are, how long ago you lost it, how long it’s been since you felt the spark, we never lose our fire within.

It may be hidden, even lost for a time but we all have our mojo, unique spark and flair.

It’s your choice when you want to reignite it.

Self-Love Routine

Choosing it alone won’t sustain it, but having a self-love routine that is honored, incorporated and a sacred part of a daily routine in your life is important.

How do you make love to yourself? Is it a meditation, mindfulness activity, creating space for reflection, ensuring you get 8 hours of sleep, is it a long walk or drive, is it conversations with God/universe, self-pampering days, how you nourish your body, exercise, Fun Fridays, No –Work Mondays.

Having a self-love routine, a practice that supports your physical, mental and a spirit/soulful well-being is important for sustaining your mojo!

Getting Support

Getting your mojo back is a process and I invite you yes you who play the part of the strong superwoman and has done all of the covering up and hiding on this universe so others don’t see the pain/shame/failure to let others in.

Get the support that you need.

None of us does anything alone and your journey from victim to victor is a process that includes letting in the trusted members of the tribe. Accept support. Work with a coach that will partner and support you to manifest your mojo and the practices and behaviors to sustain it once again.

It is your divine right to reclaim your mojo, your essence and all of the power within you.


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