Executive Leadership Coaching

Feels like most executive leadership programs are designed for men? They are, but my personalized program is for you!

In my one-on-one coaching sessions we work together monthly for 6 months or more. Each session is designed to uncover your specific needs, develop smart goals that are aligned to an action plan and support you in growing within your career or business.

As career ambitious goal-oriented driven women executive leaders of color we encounter so much in our workplace settings. Whether you work in the non-profit or corporate space women of color oftentimes face unique challenges. Some of these include feeling as if they do not belong as part of the community they work in, being paid less than their white female and white male counterparts; however doing more work, and not understanding or knowing the steps to support their career growth. If a problem exists, we are also often brought in at the executive level to triage, create, source, solve, and handle up at the cost of our own mental health and exhaustion.

This is where I come in as a coach. We explore the areas of your work life that have been challenging and are standing in the way of the career opportunities you are interested in manifesting. I seek to understand the workplace culture and dynamics that you are managing, while also getting curious about your personal leadership practices and behaviors that are working for you. We also uncover blind spots and support you in breaking up with any habitual patterns of self sabotage and limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of greater opportunity.

I can support you in taking the key steps to navigate towards your ideal career opportunity and once you have landed the role, we can work together to build your team so you are driving towards effective execution and sustaining success.  

Executive Leadership Coaching is all about “on the court” practice and building your capacity to lead in the areas you are seeking to elevate so if you are ready for what’s next in your career or business, or just landed a new opportunity let’s talk.

Cost: $1500 a month

Six – Month Executive Coaching Program includes:  

(3)  60-minute coaching sessions a month that is your dedicated unbiased time to work through your most critical challenges. 

Total of 18 coaching calls

Kick-off Onboarding Process includes Positive Intelligence & DiSC Assessments

Unlimited Session Recording for you to revisit a-ha moments and dive deeper into your leadership insights on your own time

Unlimited WhatsApp Support for those moments when you need support fast

Actionable Document templates to take the guesswork out of how to best communicate new leadership frameworks and practices