Career Services

Mock Interview Prep

In this 60-minute session we will review the job description and conduct a mock interview that will prep you and get you ready and confident to crush the interview process and most of all get you hired. Get Ready, Set, Go!

$ 350

Disclaimer: fee is non-refundable, the coach does not guarantee that the client will be hired.


Resume and Cover Letter

We will optimize and rewrite your resume presenting your qualifications, history and experience with key search words to ensure we capture your prospective employer’s attention and create a customized cover letter that you can use that is focused on highlighting your strengths and key skills.

$ 375

Career BluePrint Session

This 90-minute session is designed to have you take control of your career and learn the steps to steer it in the direction that you want. By engaging in this session you will understand what’s next for your career and walk out with a career/blueprint roadmap that you can use and empower to navigate your next career move with confidence and courage.

$ 375

DiSC Assessment

One of my favorite quotes about communication is credited to George Bernard Shaw and it states, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Too often both in the professional and personal areas of our lives we believe we are communicating with others and if you ask the other person they may disagree. This is why the DiSC assessment which is the most commonly used behavioral assessment in the world is essential. With a 60-minute personalized DiSC profile reading you will be able to unpack and have a greater understanding for your personalized communication style and how you can adapt your communication style to create the win-win outcomes in any situation.

$ 350